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Fixtures are subject to change. All fixtures 2pm kick off unless otherwise stated.

25 November 2017
Banbridge YCOB Reserves v Seagoe Reserves
Newmills Reserves v Red Star Reserves
Oxford Sunnyside Reserves v Knockmenagh Swifts Reserves
Rathfriland Swifts v Sporting Lisburn Reserves

18 November 2017
Knockmenagh Swifts Reserves 7-4 Lurgan United Reserves
Newmills Reserves 1-2 Banbridge YCOB Reserves
Sporting Lisburn Reserves 8-1 Seagoe Reserves

11 November 2017
Banbridge YCOB Reserves 4-5 Oxford Sunnyside Reserves
Knockmenagh Swifts Reserves v Sporting Lisburn Reserves

04 November 2017
Donacloney Reserves 2-7 Knockmenagh Swifts Reserves
Lurgan United Reserves 0-1 Newmills Reserves
Oxford Sunnyside Reserves 5-0 Seagoe Reserves
Rathfriland Swifts 3-0 Red Star Reserves
Sporting Lisburn Reserves 3-4 Banbridge YCOB Reserves

28 October 2017
Sporting Lisburn Reserves 5-1 Lurgan United Reserves

21 October 2017
Goodyear Reserves P-P Sporting Lisburn Reserves
Knockmenagh Swifts Reserves P-P Banbridge YCOB Reserves
Lurgan United Reserves P-P Donacloney Reserves
Red Star Reserves P-P Seagoe Reserves

14 October 2017
Goodyear Reserves 5-0 Red Star Reserves
Lurgan United Reserves 0-8 Sporting Lisburn Reserves
Rathfriland Swifts 4-2 Seagoe Reserves

07 October 2017
Banbridge YCOB Reserves 4-1 Donacloney Reserves
Knockmenagh Swifts Reserves 2-3 Seagoe Reserves
Rathfriland Swifts 1-1 Goodyear Reserves
Red Star Reserves 7-4 Lurgan United Reserves
Sporting Lisburn Reserves 0-3 Oxford Sunnyside Reserves

30 September 2017
Goodyear Reserves 1-4 Banbridge YCOB Reserves
Lurgan United Reserves 0-12 Seagoe Reserves
Newmills Reserves 2-1 Knockmenagh Swifts Reserves
Oxford Sunnyside Reserves 3-2 Rathfriland Swifts
Red Star Reserves 2-4 Donacloney Reserves

23 September 2017
Banbridge YCOB Reserves 6-2 Rathfriland Swifts
Goodyear Reserves 2-2 Donacloney Reserves
Newmills Reserves 2-2 Seagoe Reserves

16 September 2017
Banbridge YCOB Reserves 10-1 Lurgan United Reserves
Knockmenagh Swifts Reserves 0-1 Goodyear Reserves
Rathfriland Swifts 1-1 Newmills Reserves
Red Star Reserves 0-5 Oxford Sunnyside Reserves
Seagoe Reserves P-P Donacloney Reserves

09 September 2017
Donacloney Reserves P-P Sporting Lisburn Reserves
Lurgan United Reserves 0-6 Rathfriland Swifts
Red Star Reserves 0-1 Newmills Reserves
Seagoe Reserves 2-3 Goodyear Reserves

02 September 2017
Donacloney Reserves 0-4 Newmills Reserves
Rathfriland Swifts 1-3 Knockmenagh Swifts Reserves
Red Star Reserves 5-1 Goodyear Reserves

Form Guide

Form guide over the past 5 league games, with the most recent first.

Banbridge YCOB Reserves      W L W W W
Donacloney Reserves      L L W D L
Goodyear Reserves      W D L D W
Knockmenagh Swifts Reserves      W W L L L
Lurgan United Reserves      L L L L L
Newmills Reserves      L W W D D
Oxford Sunnyside Reserves      W W W W W
Rathfriland Swifts      W W D L L
Red Star Reserves      L L W L L
Seagoe Reserves      L L L W W
Sporting Lisburn Reserves      W L W W L

Free Saturdays

28 October 2017 -  Rathfriland Swifts
16 September 2017 -  Sporting Lisburn Reserves
09 September 2017 -  Knockmenagh Swifts Reserves

Previous Winners

2016/17 - Tullyvallen 2009/10 - Tullygally
2015/16 - Vallley Rangers Swifts 2008/09 - Omagh United
2014/15 - Dungannon Rovers 2007/08 - Stranmillis
2013/14 - Moneyslane 2006/07 - Coalisland Athletic
2012/13 - Lurgan Town 2005/06 - Oxford Utd
2011/12 - Lisanally Rangers 2004/05 - Markethill Swifts
2010/11 - Craigavon City

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