IFA Intermediate Strategy - an update

Friday, 22 March 2019

Having sought clarification from our National governing body on the status of the Intermediate strategy review, we have now received this notification from the Irish FA’s Club Licensing and Facilities Department, as follows:-"

Dear all,

I refer to the above and am writing to update the various Intermediate Football Leagues in Northern Ireland on progress to date.

A preferred overall structure has now been identified and a revised ground criteria for Intermediate football has been approved by the Intermediate Committee. Both of these elements were approved by the IFA Board and will be presented to the IFA Football Committee at its scheduled meeting on 18 April 2019. This will conclude the passage of these primary elements through the IFA internal Committee structure, after which a series of meetings will be scheduled with representatives of the respective Intermediate Leagues and other stakeholders to present this information.

A project funding pot has also been approved by the IFA Board to assist eligible clubs in meeting the revised ground criteria and a small grants scheme will now be devised to ensure this fund is distributed appropriately. In terms of timing, the implementation of any revised Intermediate structure would not come into effect until season 2021-22 at the earliest.

The Intermediate Football Leagues and other stakeholders will be advised of meeting dates after 18 April 2019.

This was received at 15.44 on Friday March 22nd from Leigh Sillery, the Licensing and Facilities Manager at the IFA

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