The Management Committee of the Mid Ulster Football League welcome applications from interested parties for entry into the League.

Entry level may be at Intermediate, Junior or Reserve team level, as appropriate, and applications in writing must be directed to the MUFL Honorary Secretary; see Committee page of the MUFL website for relevant contact information.

In accordance with MUFL Rules, all applications must be received on or before 15th June for each new season.

Applicants should demonstrate that they can address the following criteria:

  • Suitable Ground Availability/Access inc Facilities for Changing/Showering, Privateand Enclosed
  • Club Constitution in place inc structured Club Management Committee
  • Competency re Financial Planning & Management
  • Adequate Transportation, Club Administration & Communication Resources

In addition, preference may be given to those applicants who can provide evidence of the following optional criteria:

  • If Successful, Entry into the MUFL has Little or No Detrimental Impact on Existing Member Clubs' Players
  • Minimum of 1 Year's Experience of Competing as a Football Team / Club
  • Code of Conduct accepted and in use by all players/members
  • As close to an Impeccable Disciplinary Record as possible

The selection process will consist of documentary evidence for the above, all of which may be provided as supplementary appendices to the initial letter of application, plus a simple, 2-way Question and Answer type interview with the Management Committee of the MUFL.

Please note: One of the main aims and objectives of the Mid Ulster Football League is to foster Association Football, under the auspices of the Irish Football Association, and by Divisional Association within the geographical area covered by the Mid Ulster Football Association. The number of vacancies within each of the 3 levels of football administered by the MUFL Management Committee may vary from year to year, in accordance with the circumstances prevailing at the actual time of re-configuration of the Divisions. Indeed, there may even be exceptional circumstances, where the MUFL are regrettably unable to offer even a single vacancy to interested applicants. The Management Committee of the MUFL reserve the right to make such judgements, in order to protect the integrity of the MUFL and in order to protect the best interests of existing member clubs.